St. Marys Elementary, Georgia

Educators at St. Marys Elementary School in Camden County, Georgia rely on myON to provide standards-aligned curriculum materials and “just right” books for their students’ independent reading. In addition to required reading that supports the curriculum, students are expected to read at least one hour a week from their recommended lists on myON, which include titles dynamically matched to their individual interests and Lexile® reading levels.

“The Common Core requires a vast amount of non-fiction reading material and we were always struggling to provide teachers with class sets of books for each unit,” Media Specialist Becci Curry explained. “We were able to purchase myON with our Title I funds, which has doubled the number of non-fiction books that are available to our school. Now, our students and teachers can access thousands of titles 24/7.”

Parents and students enjoy having access to the myON library, especially on weekends and school vacations. To support out of school reading, St. Marys sent home an introductory letter describing myON along with an FAQ at the beginning of the school year. Links to myON are posted on the school’s website and Facebook page. These strategies have strengthened communication with parents, enabling conversations about student achievement, ability and progress.

Teachers have leveraged myON to collaborate with each other, allowing them to seamlessly create and share booklists that support specific units in their curriculum. At the end of last school year, each grade level team created a summer reading list for students entering that grade the following school year, to help avoid the summer slump and accelerate learning.

Actionable data on student reading activity and growth available from myON is one important element of each student’s academic profile. “Our teachers and leaders love the assessment and literacy components,” Curry said. “They meet each week by grade level to study current student achievement data and plan accordingly. myON data is also helpful when conferencing with students and parents, and the graphs provide a clear visual of a student’s achievement and progress.” 

 "Our teachers and leaders love the assessment and literacy components. They meet each week by grade level to study current student achievement data and plan accordingly."