Woodburn School District, Oregon

Woodburn School District in northwestern Oregon is one of the few dual language districts in the state. Throughout the district, schools teach in either English/Spanish or English/ Russian. In addition, the district has a large ELL and migrant population, with the total ELL population at 70% of the district.

Woodburn began using myON as a tool for Migrant Education and Family Engagement during a summer pilot in 2011. During the 2011 summer reading program alone, Woodburn students read close to 8,000 books. Woodburn also implements the philosophy of BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device, which enhances the myON experience by truly allowing each student to personalize their reading.

Sonia Kool, the Director of Instructional Services for the Woodburn School District, had a multifold goal in choosing myON. Kool, along with the rest of the administration, wants to increase students’ and their families’ access to educational materials outside of the school day. myON enables this goal by allowing students to read at home with their parents using reading scaffolds, such as professionally-narrated audio and text highlighting, regardless of the parents’ own literacy levels.

Juan Larios, Principal at Washington Elementary, notes that, “[through] iPads, myON provides students with a vast digital library and expands their access to books, well beyond their traditional book bag and classroom library. We are excited to grow myON to our families by expanding its use in our Family Academy workshops.” Such family engagement is key in supporting students as they grow in reading ability. 

In turn, Kool hopes that every student will become entrenched in and enriched by literacy and technology with the opportunity to access myON’s personalized literacy platform. Woodburn has experienced initial success with myON and looks forward to a rich future of reading success as they continue to use the myON platform as a tool.

During the summer, Migrant Programs and 21st-Century Community Learning Centers (CCLC) use myON as an independent reading resource with the primary goal to provide a wealth of books to families and encourage reading outside of school hours.

Outcomes from the myON implementation throughout the Woodburn School District con rm that this personalized digital literacy solution is helping students learn to read and read to learn.