Highline Public Schools, Washington

Within Highline Public Schools in Burien, myON is a staple for all 18 elementary and four middle schools, as well as among high school students who are part of the district’s successful implementation. The goal at launch was to support literacy instruction. Now in their third year, an expansion into the content areas is underway.

“Students are excited to read with myON, especially reluctant readers,” explained Adrienne Wiley, Elementary Literacy Specialist. “They like the novelty of using technology and are very excited to see the range of choices that are available. myON expands the classroom library by thousands of books, and is part of a diet of books available to our students.”

From the beginning, families were engaged. Ongoing communication with parents of school-aged students takes place at open house events, during literacy nights and parent conferences. A special Pre-K Friends and Family Account, set for families with young children to foster excitement about reading, is supported by the Early Learning Department through alliances with private preschools and Head Start Programs. 

"We really appreciate that myON is not a reading program. We think teachers are the best at teaching kids how to read—and myON is a great resource to help them do that."  

Librarians within the district have been driving the implementation from the start. They were the main points of contact for the roll out, providing ongoing support for teachers and modeling effective practices for reading workshops within classrooms. Usage increased as teachers continued to use myON and students became more engaged.

When the district geared up for the current school year, literacy specialists and lead teachers looked for various ways that myON could support instruction throughout the school day. To prepare for that expansion into the content areas this year, professional development—an important component of Highline’s myON plan—covered best practices for small group instruction and building projects within the myON environment.

“We really appreciate that myON is not a reading program,” Wiley said. “We think teachers are the best at teaching kids how to read – and myON is a great resource to help them do that. That’s what we love about myON and why we are so committed to myON.”