Support for Your Title III ELL Program

myON helps meet ESSA requirements for Title III by providing high-quality reading materials to improve the English language proficiency of English Learners, professional development to increase the knowledge and skills of educators who serve these students, and activities to foster literacy among their families and communities. 

To support English Language Learners, myON offers:

  • High-quality, digital content in a motivating and engaging personalized literacy environment including a large collection of digital books in Spanish with authentic and culturally relevant connections. 
  • Reading materials based upon Lexile® levels and an interest inventory, so that students can choose their own reading materials that are interesting to them and at their “just right” reading level.
  • An embedded dictionary tool to provide multiple meanings and synonyms, supporting language learners to develop strong reading habits and use semantics while reading. 
  • Scaffolds including naturally recorded audio to model fluency, highlighting to enable interaction with the text and to support a one-to-one match of the written and spoken word, and supporting images that can enhance language acquisition in an academic environment. 
  • Writing tools including the option for note-taking, journal tools, and a graphic organizer to help readers create a mental picture of the text’s information.

To support Educators, the myON platform includes:

  • Educator tools to create a tailored learning path for each student, including the use of standards-aligned book sets that address specific topics and units of study.
  • A unique "groups" function that allows educators to create projects for students with texts at varying levels and formats to support EL learners and target instruction to meet their individual needs.
  • Customized professional development sessions, centered on best practices for literacy instruction to meet the needs of ELLs.
  • Assessment tools to enable progress monitoring and real-time data to inform instruction—available through user-friendly dashboards for administrators, educators, parents and students. 
  • Embedded metrics to provide schools with data on individual student reading activity and growth that can be shared with parents and families, as well as aggregate data for community partner reporting and accountability needs.

To support Families and Communities, myON provides:

  • Unlimited, year-round and concurrent access to thousands of age-appropriate books on any web-enabled device, with downloads for offline reading available via free mobile apps – providing opportunities to read great content anywhere, anytime for learners and their families: at home, school, a library, community center, in a park or on a bus.
  • Flexible scaffolds (including audio, text highlighting, a zoom feature and embedded dictionary) along with a suite of literacy tools, to support family engagement, enabling children and families to read together even if there isn’t a proficient adult reader in the household.
  • A toolkit for educators and program managers to further facilitate family literacy through family-focused Literacy Events.
  • An online resource bank for families, myON at Home, that includes tip sheets, user guides and video tutorials in English and Spanish, to support out-of-school reading and learning. 
  • Visibility for students and their families, as well as teachers and administrators, into real-time data on students' literacy activity and growth within the myON environment.  Option for administrators to generate aggregated reports for program accountability and sharing with community partners.