Orange County Public Schools, Florida

Through a community partnership with the City of Orlando Families, Parks, and Recreation, Orange County Public Schools Title I Services developed a strategic plan to focus on promoting reading throughout the summer to help build a community of successful and confident readers.

In many of the summer campsites, students had the opportunity to participate in several project-based reading units created by the myON professional development team to extend student learning.

This six-week summer reading academy was implemented as a recreational rotation to parallel programs being offered in Orange County summer school. This was in an effort to expand the educational reach to more youths ranging from kindergarten to 8th grade students.

The City of Orlando Summer Learning Academy was taught by highly-qualified Orange County teachers using research-based reading programs and technology-based instructional tools. This combination was designed to pinpoint student needs and accelerate their interest in reading, all of which personalized literature for students. 

 The ultimate goal of the partnership was to deter the summer slide and encourage students to immerse themselves in reading over the summer. With unlimited access to over 4,000 enhanced digital books, students could, for the first time, utilize summer reading resources anytime, anywhere to help them stay connected to literature. 

Through the partnership between OCPS and the City of Orlando, myON reader was provided as a primary instructional tool to encourage reading and track the students’ data. Amazing results ensued. During the course of the 6-week program, over 70% of students enrolled at the recreational centers were actively engaged in reading digital books.