Bridgeport Public Schools, Connecticut

Elementary students in Bridgeport Public Schools are on their way to reading more than half a million books on myON this year. Dr. Melissa Jenkins, Director of Literacy for Bridgeport Public Schools, credits the school community for fully supporting their efforts, which include engaging students through literacy competitions. 

“We have limited human resources—but our success has been from the commitment to give access to children,” Dr. Jenkins explained. “The part I’m most proud of is how we rallied as a community to make it happen.”


Administrators at Bridgeport created schedules that include myON, classroom teachers used myON in their curriculum -- and since many children do not have 1:1 devices, Bridgeport staff found ways to provide students with the needed technology.

“myON became the most widely-used software in our district, and is only second in overall use to [the search engine] Bing,” Dr. Jenkins said. “In the history of our district, we haven’t had a software as successful as myON.”

Part of this success is due to literacy competitions Jenkins launches district-wide. Students and teachers alike are motivated to represent their schools as top myON users. The winning schools received special banners to display. 

Game on banner from recent reading competition The Game on, Bridgeport Reads Challenge, during the 2017 NCAA  March Madness® bracket, split the 28 elementary schools into two conferences to compete for the most hours spent reading with myON. The results were exemplary: during March 2017 alone, students collectively read 21,249 hours more on myON than they read during March 2016.     

“There is a real sense of pride for the winners of the contests,” said Dr. Jenkins. “The competition is among the adults too, not just the students!  I hope to make literacy a sport by using myON.”


Students read outside of competitions – and outside of school time, too. Dr. Jenkins is excited about the reading growth she sees in her students. 

“Not only did we see an increase in loving reading, many children actually gained in their fluency scores,” she said. “myON is on its way to becoming completely systematic for K-8. It’s helping our children soar in their love of reading and learning through text.” 


"Not only did we see an increase in loving reading, many children actually gained in their fluency scores."