Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy 4, California

The greater majority of students at Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy 4 will be the first in their families to attend college. myON plays a vital role in helping the school, which is part of the largest non-profit charter organization in Los Angeles, prepare them to take that important step. 

“Our school has made a college-ready promise to parents,” Principal Darron Evans said. “Our goal is to get kids into and persist in graduating from four-year universities. To do that, we need students to make at least two years of reading growth for every year they are with us. Reading is the key, and myON has been an invaluable tool.”

They chose myON to help address several obstacles for students in grades 6 to 8: very few have access to books at home, most didn’t like reading (or thought they didn’t like reading), and a majority of incoming sixth graders were reading at a second or third grade level. The staff knew they had to give students access to books, more time to read and an opportunity to choose what they would read. 

Staff decided that student reading skills and growth were such a priority that all teachers — in all content areas — agreed to dedicate one-fourth of each block period for students to read with myON when they launched in December 2014. From January to the end of the school year, students were getting from 30-90 minutes of reading time with myON at school every day. 

"Our school has made a college-ready promise to parents ... Reading is the key, and myON has been an invaluable tool." 

In addition to increased time spent reading and an average growth of 150 to 200 Lexile® points at each grade level that first year, Evans reported “amazing feedback and buzz from the kids, who talked about how many books they read, what they were reading and how they loved myON.” Essentially, myON did what the staff hoped it would — increased student engagement in reading and resulted in reading growth for students.

“myON is the engine, driving student reading levels and helping us get to the reading level required for the Common Core State Standards,” Evans explained. “Where myON said kids were in terms of their Lexile® level was the best predictor of ELA CAASPP (California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress) performance, which is why we continue to invest in myON. It’s very predictive and influences kids’ mastery of literacy standards.”