Forest Grove School District, Oregon

Forest Grove School District (FGSD), a rural district encompassing four communities west of Portland, Oregon, implemented myON in five out of seven total elementary schools in the fall of 2013. Under the leadership of Superintendent Yvonne Curtis and Assistant Superintendent John O’Neill, the district found myON to be a useful tool for raising student achievement in reading.

The thousands of titles on myON reach students of all levels and the unlimited access means that students can read anytime, anywhere to build their skills.

The district’s administration has a goal to move their students into the 21st-century and meet the needs of digital age learners. Assistant Superintendent O’Neill notes that Forest Grove School District is moving toward “more technology and digital tools in everything [we] do. It’s a natural progression.” O’Neill calls myON a “valuable tool,” one that “accelerates student learning in reading,” to help close the achievement gaps for all students.

On average, throughout the district, there is a 1:2 ratio of devices to students. The district has a plan to move more toward Chromebooks for its students, which will enable their ability to read myON offline through the myON Chrome app.

To support the myON implementation, Forest Grove sought out Cheryl Plews to be a myON Tech Specialist. Ms. Plews plays a large role in helping teachers to integrate myON as a tool to use across the curriculum, including helping them to build curriculum- specific book sets on myON. Ms. Plews also supplies each school’s principal with monthly data reports pulled from myON to demonstrate reading activity and growth.

Data from Forest Grove’s implementation of myON in the 2013-2014 school year indicates incredible reading activity and growth by Forest Grove students.