myON Professional Development Services

myON is a multi-faceted platform with numerous resources and tools. However, at its core, myON is a personalized literacy environment built to foster the joy of reading that leads to growth and grade-level proficiency, and this is where professional development begins for your school, district or community program.

Successful implementation requires planning and can be done as part of a seamless integration of services and support. We regularly update our online Educator Resources: video tutorials, digital guides and other materials — to ensure that your team is always informed about the latest updates, with guidance on effective strategies and best practices.

Flexible professional development scheduling is available to make the best use of your staff’s time, maximize your investment, and tailor a program suited to your specific needs.

myON suggests four levels of implementation depending on specific needs and objectives for your school/district or program.
myON workshops are customized to support each subscriber's unique implementation plan and project goals.