Project Management

What our Project Managers do

Project Managers play an integral role in the overall success of a myON implementation – extending the reach of our partner school, district and community efforts and human resources.

Project Managers provide comprehensive, onsite management services and serve as the single point of contact for stakeholders.

They create customized, strategic Implementation Plans with key district personnel and community partners that clearly define goals and expectations, along with project schedules that outline milestones.   

Project Managers also facilitate and organize all virtual and on-site professional development, build capacity within the scope of each unique plan, and document and communicate milestone data to stakeholders through comprehensive data management and reporting processes.

They also address and escalate technical and other support issues to provide a comprehensive package of services that helps ensure successful outcomes for all.  

Will a Project Manager enhance your myON implementation?

If you answer ‘yes’ to one or more of the questions below, consider adding a myON Project Manager to your Implementation Plan.


  1. Does your school district need on-going support (on-site or remote) for your implementation? 
  2. Do you want one single point of contact between your school district and myON?
  3. Do you want on-going data reporting and management to assure your myON plan is being implemented as desired?
  4. Does your team need assistance preparing and showing outcomes from your myON implementation to stakeholders, grantors and others? 
  5. Are you a mid-size to large-size school district that needs assistance managing an effective and successful myON implementation?
  6. Does your community need assistance and guidance implementing a literacy program that supports all children?
  7. Do you want to build internal capacities to maximize your investment?

Contact your myON representative for more information or complete this form and your representative will contact you.