Implementation Planning


Four levels of implementation

Adoption of a literacy environment such as myON happens on a continuum. School districts and educational institutions across the nation must consider available resources and timing. To that end, myON suggests four levels of implementation. Each of these levels might be long or short-term goals or can evolve to the next level over time, depending on specific needs and objectives for your school/district or program.
Level 1 Personalized Reading Level 2 Measuring Reading Level 3 Literacy Connections Level 4 Community of Readers

Levels of myON Implementation

Learners access books and regularly login. A love of reading is fostered, and programs such as independent reading, a virtual library, and personalized literacy are possible.

Faculty use myON analytics for data driven decision-making and action-based learning-research. System features are used to inform teaching and learning and improve student achievement on an ongoing basis.

Faculty use myON for instruction to connect with standards and align with curriculum. Benchmarks are administered and the creation of book lists, writing tasks and checklists support literacy learning.

The myON solution becomes an integral part of comprehensive district-wide and school-wide efforts. myON is part of daily instruction and embedded into multiple initiatives and programs.

Implementation matrix

Identify key goals and intended outcomes for each level of a myON implementation. This matrix is intended for self-evaluation and planning next steps for your school, district or community. Our Services Team is pleased to support your implementation plan at every level.

Level 1
Personalized Reading
Level 2
Measuring Reading
Level 3
Literacy Connections
Level 4
Community of Readers
  • Aware that learners are logging in and reading
  • Encourages students to meet weekly/monthly usage goals
  • Utilizes data to drive instruction and achievement
  • Utilizes key functionality of myON to address diverse learners needs
  • Understands system components and functionality
  • Creates and assigns projects to support curriculum
  • Able to find texts to support specific curriculum, standards, or learning goals
  • Internal capacity building
  • Logs in independently
  • Completes initial assessment
  • Reads within the collection
  • Can access Recommended books
  • Understands personalized data
  • Utilizes literacy tools to access complex text
  • Takes benchmarks
  • Searches for specific content
  • Utilizes literacy tools to respond to prompts
  • Takes ownership of reading growth and goals
  • Can teach other learners
  • Aware of access to myON
  • Encourages (or helps) child to login
  • Monitors usage and growth in child’s account
  • Aware of Reading Tasks, Literacy Tools, etc.
  • Reads with child
  • Discusses books with child
  • Strong home - school connection

Professional development sessions

Strengthen your myON implementation by providing Professional Development that meets the unique needs of your school or district.  See sessions