Transitioning to the Digital Classroom

At the heart of the digital classroom is the effective integration of technology—from providing on-demand access to resources, to monitoring student progress, to intelligently allocating time and effort.

myON supports the transition to the digital classroom for PreK-12

  • Each student has his or her own, personalized digital library of “just right” books for reading and cross-curricular assignments—a pedagogically sound and cost-effective alternative to purchasing classroom sets that may not meet each learner’s needs.
  • Unlimited, concurrent usage licenses eliminate waiting time and check-in/checkout tasks, ensuring that all students can access the books they need or want to read, regardless of how many others are reading the same book at the same time.
  • 24/7 access allows students to read online and offline, wherever they are. This supports blended learning and out-of-school reading activity.
  • Literacy tools enable interaction with text in the digital environment to build active reading skills such as highlighting, note-taking and citations.

Sample Workshop Session

(optional add-on)

Topic: Actively Engaging Learners in Reading
Learning Objectives:

  •  Introduce literacy tools that promote learner engagement
  •  Classify potential purposes for utilizing the literacy tools to promote text inspection and analysis
  •  Create a plan for effective use of the literacy tools

What customers say...

 Technology is never going to replace a great teacher. But I absolutely believe that a tool like myON can take a great teacher and augment what they do in a huge way. If we had to cut all other software licenses, this would be the one we would keep.

Stacy Talus
Reynolds Middle School

About Our Solutions

About our solutions

All solutions include the most effective combination of award-winning content, measurement tools, professional services and other key components to support program goals identified by schools, districts and communities.

Every solution package includes a standard myON license, which provides unlimited access to thousands of enhanced digital titles from Capstone, with embedded Lexile® assessments and other metrics that provide real-time data on student activity and growth, literacy tools that foster the acquisition of close/active reading and writing skills, educator resources and video tutorials to support effective implementation strategies, and ongoing customer support services.

Optional Add-ons

Partner Publisher Content - Over 60 respected partner publisher collections can be added to any standard myON subscription.

myON NEWS - Daily news articles written just for K-8 students, at three Lexile(R) levels, in English and Spanish, with recorded audio and authentic multi-media resources. 

Targeted Professional Development - Onsite or virtual workshop sessions covering introductory through advanced topics are available to meet individual program needs.