Northside Elementary School, Mississippi

The strategic five-year plan for the Clinton Public School District begins with the phrase, “where excellence is the only option.” At Northside Elementary, a Title I school serving 850 students in grades 2 and 3, the proof truly is in the numbers.

Students had a 100 percent pass-rate, the highest in the Jackson, Mississippi metro area, on the new state-mandated third grade literacy test administered in May of 2015. Scores for all students, including English Language Learners and special education students, were included. Second graders grew 1.4 years in their reading level on average, as measured on the STAR Assessment used district-wide.

Principal Joy Tyner is certain that “myON played a big part” in helping achieve these results.

She implemented myON in the fall of 2014 to increase the amount of literature needed to address the Common Core State Standards and support their 1:1 iPad initiative. With the passage of the state’s Literacy-Based Promotion Act in 2013,

Tyner became “doubly interested in putting more reading materials into the hands of students and teachers.”


"myON has become second nature ... I can’t tell you how it has checked off so many issues for us."

To help achieve the intertwined goals of reading on grade level and successful implementation of the standards, Tyner invests in her teachers. “We don’t use programs or basal readers,” she explained. “I hire competent people and they write the entire curriculum.”

A committee initially vetted myON, presented their recommendation at a staff meeting, and now coach colleagues for whom “using myON has become part of their everyday vocabulary.” 

As she prepares to welcome staff members to the new school year and set priorities, Tyner said, “myON will be right at the top of the list as one of the most important tools for teachers.”

She sees myON as a cost-effective investment that supports reading in and out of school. (Tyner paid for the rest year of her subscription with a Boxtops for Education fundraiser. Now, myON is written into the district budget.) “We use it for whole class instruction, guided reading and more,” she said.

“myON has become second nature ... I can’t tell you how it has checked off so many issues for us.”