Henry County Public Schools, Virginia

Henry County Public Schools, located in rural Virginia, is home to 10 Title I elementary schools, two middle schools and two high schools. Many students qualify for free and reduced lunch, and their access to reading material outside of school time can be limited.

School leaders have implemented myON across all elementary and middle schools in an effort to increase student engagement, and they have plans to expand into 9th grade to ensure that students have the opportunity to read at home.

“We wanted to have a program where students could access literature online 24/7, so having myON opened up a whole world of access to books that we would, by no means, be able to house in our school libraries,” said Wendy Durham, Director of K-12 Instruction.

“We also had to offer a variety of books children can choose from, and myON provided that for us, too,” she continued. The broad collection of nonfiction supports student engagement, particularly among boys, who are sometimes harder to reach.

Durham and her colleagues have started increasing in- school reading time with self-sustained silent reading for at least 20 minutes during the school day. 

"We are excited to continue to grow, learn, and implement myON into our instruction next year."

The reaction from the entire community—students, teachers, and parents—has been largely positive.

“I’ve had parents come in and say they are excited that we have myON,” said Durham. “Teachers have started praising it and giving positive feedback. They are the ones asking us what else they can do with it.”

Doing more with myON is part of the district’s plan. Next, they will work to incorporate the resources into the curriculum and project-based lessons to increase literacy across content areas.

“We love myON,” said Durham. “We are excited to continue to grow, learn, and implement myON into our instruction next year.”