South Berwyn Schools, Illinois

Illinois’s South Berwyn School District has experienced incredible success reading on myON since October 2013. After a four-year transition, South Berwyn School District now proudly boasts 1:1 implementation. Every student in grades K through 8 — a total of 4,000 students across six elementary schools and two middle schools—has either an iPad or a MacBook to use both in school and at home.

South Berwyn is unique not only in its 1:1 implementation, but in its demographics. The district is 78% Hispanic and 74% Low-Income. Thus, the decision to provide every student with a device was made in the effort to level the playing field for each student to succeed beyond K-12 education.

Jeremy Majesky, Principal of Komensky Elementary School and District Literacy Director and  School District 100Now, with access to both devices and myON, this district is launching themselves toward undeniable success. Jeremy Majeski, Principal of Komensky Elementary School and Literacy Director for the district, looks at myON as a tool to increase the love of reading and motivation for reading.

With only 50% of students reading on grade level, one of Majeski’s goals as Literacy Director is to increase independent reading time throughout the day. Using myON allows students to practice at their specific reading level and within their interests,  allowing them to feel comfortable with and engaged in reading. In turn, the possibility to provide differentiated instruction through myON allows teachers to reach every individual student to move them toward personal success.