Support for Your SSAE -Title IV Block Grant

Our student-centered approach to literacy and learning is designed to meet the needs of the whole child, reaching into and beyond the classroom and extending to the home and community. myON’s approach enables a true collaborative effort that fosters success for every student, helping meet ESSA-SSAE requirements under Title IV by providing educational resources and professional services that address key program categories.    

SSAE Goal:  Safe & Healthy Students

  • myON provides unlimited access, 24/7 year-round, making it the perfect solution to foster a strong school-home-community connection, which is critical for ensuring that students have the necessary support and encouragement as they learn to read and become more proficient readers and lifelong learners. Resources that support family engagement and community involvement are included in every myON subscription package.
  • myON’s comprehensive digital library includes titles that support character development and address the social and emotional needs of students at every age and grade level. Because myON is available under a school or district subscription, teachers, guidance teams and other program staff can access and use the resources as they are working with individuals or groups of students and families.   

SSAE Goal:  Well-Rounded Educational Opportunities

  • myON’s ever-growing core digital library is comprised of more than 8800 digital titles, (70% nonfiction, informational texts and 30% fiction) in a variety of genres and formats, which provide quality supplemental reading across the curriculum, including foreign languages, the arts and music education, STEM / STEAM and social studies. 
  • myON’s Partner Publishers contribute thousands of additional titles on targeted topics that extend and expand the core library, helping schools and districts address specific reading resource needs. All publisher collections include embedded reading supports.
  • myON News delivers daily news articles written for K-8 students to their dashboards five days a week, 52 weeks a year. Supplemental resources and reader supports make topics such as civics, history, government, economics, geography and environmental studies accessible and understandable, while building students’ digital and media literacy skills.

SSAE Goal:  Effective Use of Technology

  • myON’s evidence-based approach to literacy and learning, based upon the Lexile® Framework for Reading, maximizes the power of technology to provide learners and their teachers with access to just-right books and daily news articles, tools that help students build deep connections to the text and enable teachers to create personalized student assignments, and progress monitoring of engagement and growth – all on the same digital platform.
  • myON’s Professional Services and Support teams ensure that educators and administrators receive initial and ongoing support to achieve the goals they have established for their own professional learning and for their students’ growth. From onboarding to on-demand resources and video tutorials to capacity-building PD sessions and subscriber technical assistance, our team of experienced staff developers and support experts are invested in the success of every implementation.    
  • myON’s cloud-based environment is accessible from any web-enabled device, wherever WiFi is available, and whenever learners need or want to read. Up to 20 books at a time can be downloaded for offline reading using free mobile apps for iPad, Android tablets, Chromebooks and Kindle Fire HD, literally enabling anywhere, anytime reading.

SSAE Requirement: Evidence-based Activities

SSAE activities must be evidence-based, with a high likelihood of working within the local context of the school. myON meets this requirement by delivering actionable data for educators that informs instruction and metrics that are required for program accountability. Our state-of-the-art digital environment measures reading while students are reading. Advanced reporting capabilities enable progress monitoring on student engagement and growth, including measurement against goals educators have set for students.