Support for Your 21st CCLC Program

 myON offers an engaging, digital literacy environment that directly supports the goals of the 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program to provide academic enrichment, language skills for Limited English Proficient students, and family engagement opportunities. Here are some key ways our solutions support program goals and produce measurable results.  

Academic enrichment learning programs 

myON offers unlimited access to a virtual bookshelf of robust, leveled materials and daily news articles written for students, allowing 21st CCLC staff an easy method of working with students to complement classroom efforts. 

Programs that emphasize language skills for Limited English Proficient students 

High-quality reading materials and supplemental curriculum resources from myON offer a user-friendly interface for LEP students. Professionally-recorded audio materials model fluency and an always-on dictionary builds vocabulary in context. 

Programs that promote parental involvement and family literacy 

By providing anytime, anywhere access to high-quality, age-appropriate reading materials myON offers a strong boost to the family program component. Students can read with their families, strengthening the connection between homes and schools. 

Collaboration and accountability 

myON creates a bridge between classroom teachers and 21st CCLC staff by providing a seamless platform that encourages collaborative efforts and monitors student progress.  

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