Mead Elementary School, Colorado

 As various school breaks approach throughout the year, Principal Betsy Ball’s consistent message to Mead Elementary families is to keep their children reading with myON. “We have a schoolwide focus on literacy and myON fits beautifully to support home-school engagement,” she explained. “This is our fourth year with myON, and it is now part of our school culture. We are myON readers!" 

Mead is part of the district-wide St. Vrain Valley School District’s myON implementation, and Ball credits the support of forward-thinking district leaders, her school’s dedicated faculty and involved families for the strides being made around student engagement in reading. 

Students read with myON at school during reading blocks and center time. “They love that book series are available,” Ball said. “It’s a huge benefit that, if you like this book, you can find more like it.” They also appreciate the choices and variety, as well as the option to search for books when they get hooked on an interest.

“I have a great group of teachers and they all saw the benefits for students and families early on, from being able to create book sets to using writing tools and setting up student assignments, Ball said. “We use i-Ready and see a nice connection -- students who do well on myON quizzes do better with other online assessments.”

"Every year, myON grows and we grow in our knowledge of it and how best to implement it." 


Principal Betsy Ball

Ongoing PD, delivered by tech-savvy teachers who attend district trainings and turnkey what they’ve learned, keeps the staff current. Families, in turn, receive updates, how-to instructions and information about the benefits of reading at home. 

Excitement and support are the two key ingredients that have contributed to Mead’s successful and deepening integration of myON. This year, teachers are beginning to incorporate standards-aligned resources into science and social studies, and Ball is considering new strategies to strengthen the homeschool connection.

District reading challenges offer additional excitement and incentives, and Mead is a frequent winner. “I’m always saying, ‘Let’s take the challenges and show how special our school is’,” Ball said. “When we take something on, we really take it on. From the beginning we were full-on with myON. Every year, myON grows and we grow in our knowledge of it and how best to implement it.”